Enhance Self Defense And Learn How To Fight Using Instructional Videos

I have spent quite a number of years studying self-defense, and I’m still intrigued by the martial arts. It all started when I was a young teenager, and I was watching a demonstration where an old man was up against two strong bodybuilders in their early 20’s. These two men took turns in attacking the elderly man, but he just kept tossing them around the stage like a couple of rag dolls.

One of the young bodybuilders charged at the man trying to knock him down, but he was sent down tumbling to the ground with just a slight lean to the side and what looked like a gentle tap on the shoulder. After about five minutes, the two bodybuilders were totally worn out while the old man had not even broken a sweat. Well, that was 20 years ago, and I am sure most of you have seen films with such scenes. And while some might disregard the films due the staging, I am still fascinated by martial arts. Not the brute force fighting style portrayed by bullies, but the authentic styles and techniques used by genuinely skilled fighters.

Fighting Videos

I strongly believe that anyone who is physically able should take a few self-defense classes as it is not only good exercise, but it could be of great use in saving your life some day. However, I also realized that not everyone has discipline, money or the time to regularly attend martial arts classes. This is where learn how to fight instructional videos come in handy.

Instructional videos are designed to not only help you work out and observe physical health, but they are also designed to give you a distinct advantage in any violent situation where you safety or that of a loved one is on the line. They are remarkable martial arts videos that are not only fun to watch but very educational. You learn how to fight by watching and emulating. You will get tips, tricks as well as secret moves that only a few people know which will be an added advantage. This way, you will be able to better protect yourself and gain confidence in yourself.

In the past couple of years, I have come across an array of instructional fighting videos. In addition to this, there are also some great books on self-defense that can help you learn the primary philosophies of fighting mindset as well as a few moves that can prove to be useful. However, the more recent videos or DVDs will really expand your education by showcasing the actual fighting moves.

Keep in mind that these videos are not a substitute for the proper martial arts classes provided by a qualified instructor, but they really do help by teaching a number of helpful self-defense moves. Even for the experienced street fighter or martial artist, these videos can improve your skills and probably teach you something new to add to your skills.

The fighting videos I have come across have covered everything from basic self-defense to the advanced fighting techniques and martial arts. However, I will not advocate any video over the other for two simple reasons.

One is that I do not know which fighting style is best for your abilities and mindset, and two I might sound like advertising which is not the main aim of this article.

However, I will say this: if you are sincerely interested in learning new fighting skills to defend yourself or advancing your fighting techniques in your career, then these fighting videos are well worth watching.